What actually causes our skin to Wrinkle?

What causes our skin to wrinkle

What Actually Causes our Skin to Wrinkle –   and Can you Really Slow it Down?  
(The answer is yes!)

Ageing begins from the day we are born, however, from about age 20, our body produces one percent less collagen every year – and this is without adding other external stress factors. But is there any way we can slow this process down, like, easily?

This reduction in collagen production means that the collagen and fibres are weakened and actually sit in clumps.  This means they literally lose their elasticity, resulting in the sagging of the skin and that’s how those damn wrinkles are formed.

So, what are the stress factors that reduce Collagen and cause early aging?

It’s bad enough that we show signs of aging, but we make this process faster!
Environmental factors such as:

  • Stress (surprise,surprise)
  • Poor diet
  • Lack of exercise
  • Or Too much exercise ( Yes – That is a thing!)
  • Pollution
  • Sun damage

All of these things play a part in damaging the mitochondria, preventing your fabulous fibroblast cells from producing perfect collagen!  This then causes faster degeneration in cells, resulting in more wrinkles appearing quicker – Not what a girl wants right?

Now aging signs won’t stop but we can slow it down! First by going through the above checklist.  The next step is actually getting collagen into the skin. And no, I’m not talking surgery or anything like that.  I’m talking about skincare products. But do they actually work?

I go into detail in my next blog here Do Skin Care Products Actually Stop or Reduce Wrinkles? Here’s the Truth!