Hair Services

Hair Cuts & Styling

Child 1-6yrs – $38.00

Child 7-16yrs – $48.00
Child Cut & Blow Wave – $72.00
Guy’s Cut – $52.00
Cut & Style – $80.00
Cut & Straighten – $88.00
Restyle – $92.00





We use Wella Koleston Perfect ME+ which is up to 60 x less likely to develop a new allergy to colour *

Our Wella Illumina Colour range is used in our couture colour service which gives incredible light reflection and hair protection of the highest quality.

Full Head Colour Short – $93.00 Long – $143.00Couture Colour Short – $93.00 Long – $173.00Creative Colour Med – $175.00 Long – $205.00Tonal Balancing for Blonde Highlights – $45.00 Long – $63.00                       

extra thick or long hair add $10.00 for short  $30.00 for long


Full Head Short Hair – $115.00Full Head Med Hair – $151.00Full Head Long Hair – $183.00

Extra thick or Long hair add from $20.00                                                                                            

Back 2 Back foils add $30.00 to hair length                                                                            

Add Foils up to 5 short hair – $50.00Add Foils up to 5 long hair – $73.00


Hair & Scalp treatments

We provide treatments to re-energise your hair and scalp. Hair feels Reborn with your Wella Professionals personalised Energy Code Complex treatment.

Infusion (an Infusion or Oil Elixir added at the basin) – $10.00

Intensive (infusion or Elixir with chosen hair treatment at basin)

Short – $22.00 Long – $30.00

Energy Code Treatment (specialised treatment chosen for hair and scalp type includes scalp massage)

Short – $45.00 Long – $65.00

Liquid Hair Treatment (for sensitized, fragile hair with the ability to reconstruct and reinforce the hair fibre)

Short – $40.00 Long – $55.00

Amoa Scalp Massage (designed for ultimate relaxation using targeted trigger points)

Short – $50.00  Long – $65.00 includes finger blow dry  add $10.00 smoothing service

Nioxin Treatments

Dermabrasion (designed to soothe and remove flakiness or debris from scalp) – $40.00

Dermabrasion with Hair Treatment

Short – $50.00 Long – $70.00

Wellaplex Bond Maker

It works in three stages, here’s how:

  1. Wellaplex Number 1: Bond Maker helps to create bonds within the hair during your lightening or colour service. Is mixed with lightening product & or colour – enabling optimal lift and penetration of dye molecules for hair that is sensitised or has previous chemical or environmental damage. Helps to reconstruct inner hair bonds for stronger healthier hair.
  2. Wellaplex Number 2:Bond Stabiliser is then put on the hair once the colour is rinsed out. This is left on for 10 minutes to really get the most out of stabilising the new bonds in your hair. We then finish with a colour lock treatment.
  3. Wellaplex Number 3:Hair Perfector is where you take things into your own hands. The third step is a take-home treatment, which we recommend you use once a week. To benefit fully from your Wellaplex in-salon service, you should use No 3 Hair Stabilizer on a weekly base. It helps to keep the hair strong, smooth and soft until the next WELLAPLEX in-salon service.  Apply to shampooed hair, comb through, leave for 5-10 mins and rinse thoroughly.

Short – $35.00 Long – $55.00


Blow Wave / Straighten / Curl – Short  – $52.00 Long – $68.00

Set Short – $48.00 Long – $70.00

Upstyles from – $60.00 to $90.00

Bridal Upstyle Inc consult – $105.00

Permanent Waving

Short – $90.00

Medium – $115.00

Long – $160.00

Permanent Straightening

All Permanent Straightening services include a Wellaplex treatment.

Short – $250.00

Medium – $285.00

Long – $320.00

Extra Long or thick hair add $30.00