Want Younger Looking Skin

Want Younger Looking  Skin?

We all want our skin to be healthy and vibrant but as we age this becomes another area that seems harder to achieve. The truth is that it is better to look after our skin from our early 20’s, (if you were lucky enough to have escaped puberty without excessive acne and scaring) when our skin is still able to function at its best making natural collagen and elastin, keeping it plump and vibrant.


It is never too late to begin looking after your skin’s health

With Autumn well and truly upon us do you feel you need to turn back time on your skin from our truly amazing summer. Your skin sometimes needs a helping hand to remove dull and dry skin cells to reveal a more vibrant, plumped looking skin. It is important to do this in a non abrasive way, that doesn’t involve using harsh scrubs to irritate and strip your skin of essential nutrients like oil and water (not all oil is bad).  If our natural skin barrier is not working efficiently we leave our skin open to dehydration, water and oil loss increasing our chances of our skin being sluggish,dry, rough in appearance which results in ageing!

Why do we need to have a facial?

Facials are so much more than an hour of indulgent pampering. They have enormous benefits to the health and wellness of your skin, both in the short and long term. Consider all of the regular visits you make to the dentist,hair salon or gym, you’ll realise you really should be focusing some of that time to your skin as well.

Even if it’s just when the seasons change and your skin is at its most vulnerable, our skin needs attention too.

If your skin is suffering from excess dryness, uneven skin tone clogged pores, congestion or a ruddy complexion, this can make hard work of the upkeep of our skin.  Whereas having a facial once a month or at least once a season can help retain a dewey smoother skin, with refined pores and reduce redness especially in our dry harsh climate. Flushing, red veins and Rosacea are classic skin conditions in the south due to our climate and our outside lifestyles.

A facial can give your skin immediate results. If you have a special  event that you want your skin’s youthful glow restored for, a facial will provide just that. Your therapist will know exactly what your skin needs.

How do I choose which facial Is best for me?

In short you don’t, Your therapist is trained to do this for you and can see things in your skin that goes cell deep, as this is where the damage begins in the first place. We will look at your lifestyle, oxidative stress levels and your time, then we take into account your concerns and target a treatment specific for you. Your therapist will know exactly what your skin would benefit from the most. It could be anti aging , softening lines and wrinkles, acne, pigmentation, pore refining  the list is endless and so are the treatments that can benefit your skin, because we only use high quality products that are results driven not just smell nice with very limited active ingredients,you know you’re going to have softer lines and plumper looking skin.


 Who doesn’t want their skin health to be better!

Your skin health shouldn’t just start and stop with a facial. Having a good home skin care routine to support the work your facial has done is equally important.

We have our skin for a lifetime so just changing a couple of simple things at home in your regime can make all the difference to the appearance of your skin. It may be a change of technique in your cleansing routine to help stop dehydration.


Cleansing occasionally or using a moisturiser now and then will not help your skin’s complexion or health, consistency is the key, just like going to the gym. Our skin’s natural makeup isn’t designed to be wiped or cleansed with astringent products’, it doesn’t matter how oily your skin is,using harsh products which we think will remove excess oil leaving it squeaky clean is actually going to cause your skin more harm down the track. Removing all the essential oil in your skin results in dehydration and increasing the chance of breakouts.

It can actually make your skin feel oilier as the skin’s’ defense barriers natural reaction to being stripped of it’s essential oils is to make more oil to protect itself. It’s a very clever organ.


Your home care routine doesn’t need to be complicated, it just needs to be done well every day.We will show you how you exactly how to cleanse properly for your skin type as no to skins are the same.

By using products that contain high levels of vitamins A,C,and E, Hyaluronic acid,

Q-10 (you know the drill the list is endless) the quantity and quality of these vitamins and lipids are what makes the difference. Just be wary that because you paid good money for your product you might not always be getting the best quality.  The other  important fact is that professional products shouldn’t contain perfumes as they can desensitise the skin causing redness and irritation. Your skin care also shouldn’t just sit on the skin’ it needs to be absorbed into your dermis to be able to reach and talk to your cells in your epidermis. Your moisturiser should disperse into your skin within a couple of minutes and not feel sticky with a residue. Every skin is different in what it needs to rebuild your skin health at a cellular level, this is where the magic happens.


We love our Dermaviduals customised skin care range that we personally mix for your skin, we choose what your skin needs to put in your bespoke moisturiser. Dermaviduals is free of all perfumes, parabens, emollients and mineral oils. So you know that your skin will love you for it.


Our other skin targeted range is our Environ range. You work up  the vitamin  levels to  give your skin the greatest amount of quality vitamins and lipids as your skin health improves.



The results speak for themselves with both of our fabulous ranges.

So do your skin a favour before Winter, phone us today on 4896949 to book your Autumn facial and “LOVE THE SKIN YOU’RE IN” it’s yours for life.


If you have any question or would like to know more about looking after your skin then please feel free to give us a call.